Bitcoin fair value - quick and easy

You’re together on a Friday night with friends and a lively conversation about Bitcoin takes place. One person shrugs off Bitcoin saying, “Bitcoin has no intrinsic value and is going to zero.” Another immediately chimes, “Bitcoin is going to replace all fiat currency and it will be worth a million dollars within a few years.” Sides are quickly chosen and you’re left wondering, “What is the fair value of Bitcoin anyway?

Use labelVector to label 'data.frame' columns

This post is motivated by the following question asked on Stack Overflow: How to add metadata to a tibble? I thought the answer to the above question provided by Benjamin provided an elequent solution for storing and accessing column descriptions for data.frame objects. His answer employed set_label() and get_label() functions from the labelVector package. These functions provide a clean, concise solution to the task as shown using the mtcars dataset.